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The Curse of Josh Gordon (Part VI)

"...At some point JOSH GORDON has to want to be on the field." -

3 weeks ago:

Buried at the bottom of the article: "This is Gordon’s seventh NFL suspension since he entered the league. Gordon has not played a full, 16-game season since his rookie year of 2012. He played five games with the Seahawks and six with the Patriots last season."

Breaking News This Morning:


What is my beef with Josh Gordon?


I work for a good school district in Ohio. I am grateful to have the job, but if I violated my contract in a minor way and found myself terminated, I believe I could secure a similar job in a neighboring school district. If I violated my job contract in a major, felony-level way, I would expect to be out of the education business. My current job also requires me passing a drug test. I believe if I failed a drug test, my district would send me to rehab. If I failed the drug test after rehab, I believe I would be terminated.

Where would I go? Back to fast food? Roll the dice at Amazon? Work at the Covid petri dish that is WalMart? There are a lot of jobs out there that don't require drug tests.

If Josh Gordon wants to do drugs, there's lots of jobs out there that don't require drug tests. It is really that simple.

Josh Gordon: Championship Insulation Installer

Nobody wants to be a drug addict is your argument? I shouldn't be so hard on Josh Gordon, addiction is a disease? If I knew someone with addiction, I wouldn't be such jerk? I do have a very close family member that's struggled with addiction.

When "Dave" graduated college, he got a lucrative job in the medical field. Sadly, he became addicted to drugs. He went to court ordered rehab, returned to work, re-addicted to drugs, returned to work. Re-re addicted to drugs.

Fired. The nationally known (Hospital Chain) had a process to deal with employees that had issues with addiction. A Process, you ask? Yes, a process. Drug addiction is a silent plague in the medical community, with up to 20% of nurses and 10% of doctors dealing with drug and alcohol abuse issues at some point in their careers.

Now Dave lost his job in the medical profession, and, do I wish he was still there? Yes. But because his company didn't discriminate against him based on race or sex, they have the right to set their terms of employment. Dave went down the spiral and is currently underemployed at a warehouse.

Why does Josh Gordon think he's better than a teacher or a medical professional? What Josh Gordon wants to do is drugs, make a million dollars, and then play football, in that order......

You know what? I changed my mind. Let Josh back in the league another 20 times. Let him snort coke on the 50 yard line if he wants. No one listens to me anyhow.

One day Josh will be dead of unnatural causes and people will be wringing their hands asking what they could have done differently. I can't help Dave and I can't help Josh.

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