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What Writers do you Trust?

Ah, ah, ah, I didn't say what platforms do you trust, I said what writers.

Fareed Zakaria

At CNN, if you swung a stick in any direction, you would knock over a half a dozen political hacks. But Zakaria stands out with his world perspective and unparalleled even handedness. You want to argue he leans left? That's okay, he's a principled multicultural leftist, not a weaselly, woke American leftist.

Tyler Durden

When the shit really hits the fan, who has a unique, mostly accurate perspective that isn't a corporate entity "selling" you an angle? I may not always agree with him, but he's not in lock step with any political parties.

Matt Lewis

The Daily Beast is loaded with Whiny Millennials, but the company has Matt Lewis as their token Conservative. If you read his columns though, he is actually a principled Moderate, simply farther right than his far left counterparts. (You know why this country is in such trouble? Rush Limbaugh used to say that there were no principled moderates.)

Dave Urbanski

The Blaze is Glenn Beck's baby, but Beck has evolved into a self-indulgent navel gazer. Deep in The Blaze's roster is Dave Urbanski. For better or for worse, his writing probably most closely reflects mine when it comes to what he finds interesting in the political realm.

Robby Soave

A few years ago, Soave was the most important writer in America as he detailed the erosion of speech on American campuses. Today he is the Senior Editor at Reason and his output is more sporadic.

John Stossel

Even before I knew what a Libertarian was, I enjoyed Stossel's work on ABC's 20/20. Now he's a senior correspondent at Reason.

Jason Pettigrew

As a music fan, I know my musical depth is lacking. But at one time, Alternative Press was my music Bible and Jason Pettigrew was the best music writer of my generation. Sadly, Alternative Press was sold, locked its doors in Cleveland, and then rebranded in Los Angeles. Pettigrew moved to Pittsburgh and is now a part time contributor at SPIN.

I hope he's doing okay.

Recent Article: Sex, Drugs, and No Genres ---

You are wondering where I'm going with this? Why am I writing this article specifically today? I have a co-worker that recently said that one of my articles sounded like shades of Ben Shapiro....

Uh, no.

I don't read Ben Shapiro. I am familiar with his work through Breitbart, which I occasionally do read. Ben Shapiro is another one of those one trick ponies who worships at the Right-Wing Alter.

I may be a shitty writer, but I try to write about something different every day and my goal is to sound like Fred Hunt, not like anyone that I may or may not respect.

And if I roll out of bed in the morning and want to write about Nottingham Forrest Soccer, guess what I'm doing?

You know who writes nice soccer articles? The staff at The 18. (Not Travis Yoesting.)

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