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You're Going to Get What You Deserve (Remix)

Updated: May 18, 2021

As Nine Inch Nails is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, all I can hear is Trent Reznor screaming You're Going to Get What You Deserve.

How do I figure? Trent Reznor's song, at its heart, is a rant against Money controlling you.

This is a partial list of well documented group outings since the coronavirus became public knowledge in March:

Elon Musk said lockdowns were no good, time to go back to Work. Most of America agreed.

George Floyd? Time to Riot.




Portland? Let's light that place up every night for 3 months.

Sturgis Rally? Just like any other year.

Trump Political Rallies? The more the merrier.

Restaurants and Bars? Sue to open.

Dodgers win MLB Championship? Riot.

College in the Fall? Fill those dorms.

L.A. is mad about social justice? Riot in a different way.

MegaChurches? We can't close those.

Biden Won? Take to the streets.

Notre Dame pulls big upset? Storm the field.

I am not saying that every single American has done one of these things, I'm saying that America, as an entity, has decided to carry on similar to normal. The philosophy of the majority of Americas has been that the strong will survive and the weak will die.

All I'm saying here is that America needs to own it and quit being science deniers. Come out and say you simply don't care if 1% of Americans die of coronavirus, 99% will live. You don't care if you overwhelm the doctors or hospitals, you never go.

The virus is real and you can lie to yourself and say that's it's Fake News or no worse than the flu, but you are flat out wrong. The facts are that Covid 19 is real and kills, at minimum, at a 6 times higher than the flu rate.


And if you're a news outlet, you can't say that Social Justice riots haven't been proven to be superspreader events, then turn around and say Amy Coney Barrett's Nomination definitely was.


Let me tell you a personal story. Back in the Spring, I had kidney stone surgery and whined about it obsessively on the Beacon of Speech Blog. Why? Because post surgery I had side effects that were not in the medical literature that can be traced to kidney stones.

My urologist said, over and over, that my surgery was a success and there were no complications. Other than a change in diet, things were back to normal by mid-summer. Back to normal when it comes urological functions.

Current lingering symptoms:

Rolling Headaches

Lower Back Aches

Sore Throat/Mild Cough

Severe Fatigue

Lung/Breathing Issues

Random Night Sweats

and, very recently, dizziness.

What I have yet to have is diarrhea or a fever.

So I ran my continued symptoms through Doctor Google and it didn't say I had Covid, it said Malaise or Consternation.

Did I have mild Covid in March and Malaise today?

Did I have Malaise in March and mild Covid recently?

Am I a hypochondriac? (I, at minimum, for sure had kidney stones, they got yanked right out of my ureter.)

Did I have mild Covid in March and Long-Hauler symptoms today?

What I have not done is question the state of Ohio in their handling of the coronavirus. Back in the Spring, the former Ohio Director of Health, Amy Acton, warned Ohioans that if we didn't take action, we would have 6,000-8,000 new cases a day. At the time, there were only a couple of hundred cases of coronavirus a day.

Idiots took to the airwaves and decried that Amy Acton was trying to cause panic. Masks were unconstitutional. Covid was no worse than the flu.

Guess what? Amy Acton was spot on. This past week we in Ohio have attained the plateau that Acton had warned us about if we took no action, but by the time she was correct, she had already quit her job. She was tired of being harassed and left the public sector for a job in the private sector.

She had to quit her job because of idiots. Idiots who were wrong, won, and scientists who were right, lost. That's why a week before Thanksgiving, we're in this mess. And yet people continue to shriek that closing bars at 10pm or wearing a mask is unconstitutional.

Because at this stage of the game, it doesn't matter if you're right or wrong. People simply do not care unless they're the ones with the severe issues.



On the same day that Ohio began a new round of restrictions with Thanksgiving right around the corner, this meme popped up on a friend's timeline. If she was trying to be funny, that's fine, but it coincided with a stream of her other memes questioning whether restricting gatherings would go over well in different time periods.

Let's take this specific meme and dissect it to ruin the joke. This doesn't work for scholars of the Historical Jesus because it's easy to kick out 3 apostles.

DeWine says 3 have to leave?


#1 Judas: Well, for obvious reasons.

#2 Jude Thaddeus: Was he the brother of Jesus? Was he not the brother of Jesus? Was he the cousin of Jesus? Was he the Step-Brother of Jesus? Was he one person? Or 2?

#3 Simon the Zealot: The most obscure apostle, almost everything known about Simon the Zealot today is speculation, disputed, or lost to history.

*Bonus: Saint Matthias: His is an interesting story. After Jesus kicked Judas out of the Team of Apostles, the rest of the Apostles voted Matthias into their group. He was the only Apostle who was not personally chosen by Jesus despite accounts that he ran with the Apostle Crowd since Jesus was baptized.

See how easy that was? We kicked out 4, but more importantly, I removed Judas and Jesus didn't die for another 30 years. Mike DeWine created an alternative timeline where Judas wasn't able to betray Jesus and there was heaven on Earth and we didn't have to wait for Jesus' Second Coming.

Hooray for Mike DeWine.


Who in the media has gotten it the MOST right when it comes to the coronavirus?

Uggh, I hate to say it, but probably HBO's Bill Maher.

While outlets like CNN blamed everything on Trump, and outlets like The Blaze blamed everything on Governors, or denied that the coronavirus was even a crisis, Bill Maher said: "Everybody's Incompetent, it wasn't just Trump that led to those deaths."

From the top down, from the time that Donald Trump tried to institute a travel ban from China and outlets like CNN screamed Racism against the Chinese, to the President golfing away the rest of his lame-duck presidency, none of our leaders have gotten it right across the board.

Governor Cuomo, for example, had Federal Hospital Boats in his harbors that sat unused, but instead sent Covid 19 patients back to their nursing homes. Once back to the nursing homes, elderly patients spread the coronavirus like fire through tinder.

But before I condemn Governor Cuomo, last week 7,000 Jews violated a city order to hold a Wedding. A Wedding that was more well attended than a Hofstra basketball game.

What was Cuomo supposed to do? Lead 7,000 Jews out in handcuffs? Cuomo would be the biggest Anti-Semite since Hitler if he did that. But on the flip side, Cuomo does nothing, and everyone in New York sees the above pictures in the Daily Mail and they say "screw Cuomo, I'm having my 25 person Thanksgiving."

You are literally damned if you do, and damned if you don't.


Before you go, you should check out this article:

No One is Listening to Us - The Atlantic

For the last 2 weeks, the hospital calls my wife's phone everyday, multiple times a day, trying to fill nursing shifts. My wife, the nurse, continues to tell me that they are understaffed due to quarantines and confirmed Covid cases. She even gets calls on her cell phone while she's at work asking for employees to work extended shifts.

Last week, one of her close co-workers contracted Covid on her floor. My wife fell ill with classic symptoms, but kept working. On Thursday she took the Covid Test and on Friday it was confirmed Negative. So she has going back to work today.

But she doesn't look so good.....

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