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Beacon of Speech #1,000

Updated: Mar 8

This is our one thousandth article here at Beacon of Speech.

Our first article was about a paragraph long in 2016, written within a week of being terminated from Iron Mountain. Instead of new content, we are pretending to be corporate overlords and repackaging our favorite articles of all time:

11b. Sept. 4, 2016

CNN's Hit Piece on Saint Teresa

On our 22nd article, I couldn't fathom how CNN was questioning a Saint. Little did I know.

11a. May 16, 2021

CNN Thinks Israel Deserves It

I made the analogy of me and my friends bombing Canada. Fun Stuff.

10. January 29, 2022

Putin's Thought Process

Crimea may seem like the key, but Donetsk and Luhansk have been an issue for a century.

Which inexplicably tied into this hockey article: The Sad, Sad Story of HC Donbass

9. April 17, 2017 / April 4, 2019

Top 10 Strange Stories Set to Song / 10 More Strange Stories Set to Song

Probably my favorite musical articles.

8. Aug 7, 2021

The Guillain Barré Syndrome Dilemma

Unfortunately, I am acutely qualified to comment on the obscure medical condition

7. Jan 12, 2018

You Just Like to Say Shithole

I wish I swore MORE on the site, but the more you use swear words, the lesser their effect.(Except for this article.)

6. July 30, 2017

Bud Selig: Hall of Fame Phony

I am just as pissed today as I was in 2017 when they put Bud Selig in the Hall of Fame.

5. September 15, 2020

LeBron James vs. Uncle Gary

Despite being a billionaire, I really don't think LeBron gets the business model.

4. May 25, 2019

Committing Suicide Like a Champ

The perfect mix of being glib and wallowing in the dark.

3. August 2, 2020

An Excellent Read -or- Define Riots

Not to brag, but this article really nailed why Alex Jones is a piece of crap. Literally.

2. June 30, 2021

Open Letter to Chris Quinn

In my mind, Chris Quinn is our biggest nemesis. In Quinn's mind, we are the smeared bug on his Lexus windshield.

1. January 24, 2021

The Rioting Line

Since I started the blog, my biggest pet peeve has been rioting. When rioting is good, when rioting is bad, and when rioting is just rioting for the sake of rioting. I could have re-written this same article 10 times over.

My favorite quote that describes Beacon of Speech?

June 13, 2018


"The original picture under the Blog entries was 'borrowed' from a screen shot from a Vice Documentary about Ukraine. It's symbolic of what I do. I stand in the fire and I throw rocks. In the grand scheme of things, that rock is doing no damage whatsoever. The chances of the smoke, fire, or a sniper killing me outweigh any measurable damage that I could ever do with that rock.

And yet I still throw rocks...."


Editor's Note:

A special thanks to TopTenz for publishing my first article after I had Guillain Barre Syndrome a decade ago. Without TopTenz, we probably wouldn't exist today. Even though I haven't written for them since before the Blog started, I still follow them and watch their YouTube Channel.

Will there be a thousand more articles?

Hard to say. My favorite punk band, Alice Donut, famously played a thousand shows then broke up. Not because of internal tensions, but because they were exhausted and broke. They did things on their own terms. Unfortunately that didn't translate into monetary success.

Do I consider Alice Donut a success? Of course I do, I consider them the Greatest Second Wave Punk Band.

Where does that get you in life? The same place as being an expert on Guillain Barré Syndrome got me.


There will at least be a few more articles, right? At least 8 or 10 more, my draft section is chock full of (100+) unfinished thoughts.

There will be more videos, right? At this point, that's a more complicated question.

Yes, I still talk to Ted and Joe.


Yesterday I found out that Cousin X----- passed away at age 28. Very sad, he was a good kid. At the end of the day though, nothing in the future is guaranteed.

And that goes for me too.

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