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Tucker Carlson and Other Cowards

Updated: Jun 30

On April 24, 2023, Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News for, ultimately, being Tucker Carlson.

Did they drag him out of Fox Headquarters kicking and screaming? No.

Did he try to fight Rupert Murdoch on the way out the door? No.

Tucker Carlson could have walked into Newsmax the very next day and starred in his own show and blasted everyone at Fox from the janitors up to the entire Murdoch Clan.

But he didn't do any of that. He wanted to make sure he got paid the remainder of his contract that ran through 2025. That was his #1 Priority. You're screaming at me that Carlson tells it like it is on Twitter? Let's start there.

Right now, Fox News is paying Tucker Carlson not to be on another network. Carlson is arguing that his Twitter Show isn't unlike you or I being on Twitter-

Editor's Note: As of June of 2023, Beacon of Speech has never been on Twitter.

So today, on Carlson's 7th "episode" of his Twitter rant, he launched a "scathing attack" on Volodymyr Zelensky for considering to postpone elections in Ukraine in 2024.

Ummm, Zelensky hasn't done anything yet. He is considering postponing elections as a possible option. For Zelensky-Haters like Tucker Carlson, the explanation for postponing voting is more about logistics instead of fascism.

How do I figure? The Ukrainian Premier League played in front ZERO fans this past season. Most of the games were moved to Western (Ukrainian) Stadiums. Why? Because the fans couldn't be protected. How in the world can you protect voters in active war zones as they gather to vote? Only let non-active zones vote and hope full buildings don't get bombed?

Tucker Carlson would shriek "we didn't stop voting in 1944 during World War II!" My reply would be: 'Was New York City being actively bombed during the elections? No. What about Dallas? Los Angeles? Topeka?'

But I don't want to be bogged down in Carlson's inaccurate run at Zelensky.

You know why rhetoric is so high in this country? Let's use January 6th as an example. Did Donald Trump gear up, hop on a tank, and convince one of our Generals to escort him back to the White House?


January 6th was a giant sized temper tantrum. And the media tried to convince you that we were seconds away from being toppled like a third world country.

In reality, Trump danced to Gloria. (Seriously.) He didn't have a plan to re-assume office, he just hoped that he could ride back into the White House on a Magical Unicorn. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn't almost die, not even close. The question that no one asked was: If Democrats REALLY thought January 6 was an insurgency, why didn't they stay behind to fight for democracy?

Left wing politicians ran like rats.

(There was no "insurrection" in America.)

There was an insurrection in Russia this week though. Wagner Group Leader Yevgeny Prigozhin was killing Russian troops on his way to "capture" Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Gen. Valery Gerasimov.

Were any American Politicians posing with guns in their offices daring Trump to arrive in order to protect democracy on January 6th? That never happened either.

When the Russians invaded Ukraine, the U.S. Army offered to get President Zelensky out of the country. You know what he said?

The Budapest Memorandum clearly grants Ukraine sovereignty from Russia in exchange for Ukraine's surrendering of nuclear weapons. Zelensky was going to fight for his homeland's existence.

Politics in the Old World is much different than politics in America.

Make sure you know the difference between talking and action. Then be sure to thank your Constitution for a smooth (mostly) leadership transition over the past 245 years.

Addendum: 1 Day Later:

Two Months Later It’s Clear: Tucker Carlson Needed Fox News More Than Fox Needed Tucker

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