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You're Going To Get What You Deserve -or- The Covid 19 Chronicles

At some point I became exasperated that a pandemic became a political football and had to step back so I wouldn't type something I would regret, like "I hope this plague burns through America like an Ancient Prophecy."

But today I read something so absurd that I couldn't move away from the keyboard.

Editor's Note:

Just a reminder, we are a free speech website.

Yesterday, Sammy Hagar said he would rather "die" than stop performing because of the coronavirus. I like Sammy Hagar, I do. I think it would be awesome to kick back and hear Rock and Roll stories from the Red Rocker himself one evening. But Hagar's lament pushed me back over the edge.

When we did our first article here in January, there were two types of people. People who were afraid of the emerging virus (like me) and those who were totally oblivious that a pandemic was about to hit our shores (about 98% of the population).

I am going to say it again. The best guesstimates from China was a 2-3% death rate. That is astronomical high compared to the seasonal flu. By March, most of America was bracing for the first waves of Covid-19.....

You know what? I'm not in the mood to re-hash the coronavirus outline in America. My Great-Aunt had coronavirus about a month ago. She's about 85 and lived. Her daughter (my cousin) got it and died. She was about my age. She was healthy and only complained about flu-like symptoms about a week or so ago.

You don't care about my cousin. These are the facts today, July 1, 2020. Everyone in this country wants YOU to work. Everyone in this country wants to buy the stuff they want from WalMart. THEY don't want to work and be exposed to the virus. THEY also do not want to be told what to do and what not to do. That sums up America today in 4 sentences. Those 4 sentences that are basically opposites.

So what's going to happen moving forward is that there will be rolling closures, and lawsuits, and more unrest. Most live concerts and most live sporting attendance will be cancelled. There will be hotspots and deaths. By the end of the year, we'll hit just under 300,000 deaths and every time we try to shut things down, a portion of the population will scream that their liberties are being curbed. 300,000 is the magic number, because that means a minimum death rate of .1%, assuming that every single person in America got Covid-19.

In a normal flu season, the death rate is .014%, which means that MINIMALLY Covid-19 was 8 times more fatal than the flu. M-I-N-I-M-A-L-L-Y. The CDC, whose job it was to be ready, wasn't ready. The President, whose job it was to be ready, wasn't ready. And a bunch of people decided that Social Justice was more important than Social Distancing.

Not everyone will get Covid-19. Today the confirmed numbers are below:

That is still a 4% death rate. According to those who study poop, the infection rate is much higher. Is it feasible that 10 million have had coronavirus? It is. If that's the case, that's about a 1% death rate. If the death rate is really 1%, we are in for a very rough fall, because it will be hard to re-close everything. When Fall comes and snot filled kids crowd the schools, you're going to see a lot of sick parents at home. I have seen no evidence from the CDC that school-aged students, except for the immunocompromised, have been impacted by Covid-19.

In an emergency, it is up to the Federal Government to step up, not to decide to be State's Rights Champions. Again back to the World War II analogy. What would have happened if FDR said, "we are going to war with Germany, but we are going to let each state decide if they're going to send troops and decide on a state-by-state basis what to do about trade with the Nazis."


I just had an internet dust-up with an angry young man who cited a CDC Study of a .4% Death Rate. He claims the government lied because he read about the 4% death rate on the internet, then found some obscure government statistic of .4%.

If everyone in America gets Covid-19 at a .4% death rate, that's still a million dead. You need some ways to distance yourself from others with the virus.

The young man screamed at me IN ALL CAPS: YOU ARE MANIPULATING THE NUMBERS! IT SAYS .004.

I replied, ".004 = .4%"

And that, in a nutshell, is what you're dealing with in America.

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