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Big Riots in Cleveland Arrive? (III) ***crickets***

So on Monday, I called my shot. Kenta Settles was beaten up pretty bad by some Garfield Heights (Ohio) cops. The story hit the local outlets and I was sure trouble was at the door.

Then on Tuesday, the story gained some traction on some international outlets.

Then on Wednesday, every radio station in Cleveland pre-empted their programming for a roundtable with Black Lives Matter as the subject. I listened to, maybe, 4 to 5 minutes of it.




I googled Kenta Settles and no new stories came up over the past 48 hours.

"Hey Fred, why were you wrong?"

Good question. Let's check out some Headlines between 11:00 AM & 11:30 AM today.

Looked over at CNN:

Looked over at Fox News

Looked over at The Daily Beast

Looked over at The Daily Mail

Looked over at The Drudge Report

Looked over at Vice

Editor's Note:

There's a lot of news in America today, kind of surprised by the top story at Vice.

Let's google: Is Vice in Trouble? Short Answer: YES

Ironically we googled: Is Google in Trouble? Short Answer: YES

Long Answer: Nothing that Google can't buy itself out of.

Looked over at ABC News

Looked over at The Blaze

Looked over at BuzzFeed News

And, in honor of Mike Gundy, looked over at OAN

Editors' Note II:

Really OAN???

What's my point? Kenta Settles' Lawsuit seems to have come at the wrong end of the News Cycle. I thought content drove news. Again, I was proved incorrect.


This may be the maddest that you'll see me at Beacon of Speech. I am about to insult 97% percent of you, but I don't care.

Back in 2016, Gary Johnson was gaining traction in his third party bid for President when

he went on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" news show. The host asked about Gary Johnson's position in reference to what was going on in Aleppo.

Gary Johnson paused, had a senior moment, and answered, "what is Aleppo?"

Let's go to Google, 4 YEARS LATER, and put Gary Johnson in the Search Engine.

Johnson had a gaffe and it sank his already slim presidential hopes. I don't want to rehash the screw job that Johnson got, it's just going to piss me off more.

Did you see all those stories about John Bolton at the top of the page today? According to Bolton's new book:

Donald Trump thinks Finland is a satellite of Russia.

Donald Trump thinks that Venezuela is a territory of the United States. (Like Guam)

Somehow, Trump knew about the Uyghur "Re-education" Camps, but had no problem with them.

Donald Trump didn't like the Japanese "because of Pearl Harbor."

Donald Trump didn't know if Great Britain had nuclear weapons.

I am going to be so happy when the Donald Trump Shitshow is over and Self-Promoting Hillary Clinton is in a Nursing Home gumming her prunes. For all you Clinton Defenders out there, Hillary was friends with Donald Trump. She had no problems taking his money. Their kids played together. Every time that a Clinton Supporter rips Donald Trump, I remind them that Hillary had no problems taking his money. Every time that a Clinton Supporter comments on Trump's sexual escapades, I remind them that Hillary's husband did the same exact things. Every time that a Clinton Supporter complains about rich Republicans, I remind them that the Clintons made a QUARTER OF A BILLION dollars once they left office on public servant salaries....

Alright, we're done here, I have to go to a wake.

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