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Did I Find a Russian Bot? I Sure Did.

On December 6, 2021, I was livid that Facebook did nothing to weed out a Russian Bot. So I posted a story with my evidence: Did I Find a Russian Bot?

Here's the gist of that story: "David Ca is not a real person, he is an avatar of the Russian Government. He could be an amalgamation of people, depending on what shift you're working at in the United Russia Party.

If you scroll though David's pictures, almost all are screen shots of Russian propaganda. And, another tipoff that he's a Bot, if you return to his first Facebook post, (apparently he first heard about this magical Facebook place in the Fall of 2020)"

On July 24, 2022, I lamented that I was teetering on being placed in Facebook Jail while -

"David Ca continued to spew his Russian Propaganda, with such patently false narratives as Ukraine actually invaded Russian Interests and Ukrainians are Nazis."

On October 15, 2022, in my article David Ca: російські покидьки

"I have a personal message for David Ca: You are the definition of a Keyboard Warrior. Putin is aggressively looking for soldiers to join the Russian Army. Old soldiers, Conscripts, and Foreign Nationals, time to put your money where your mouth is."

Is that a warning label for Mr. Ca? Now I believe the warning is for the RT post, but if you go over to RT, not all their posts have the warnings. Facebook is too lazy to screen anything on a case by case basis.

Russian Bot David Ca may laugh at me because he's still on Facebook, but it brings up a core flaw in his philosophy. "Ca" gives the appearance that he's a citizen of one of the provinces of Western Canada. He uses his free speech granted to him by Western Countries to rail against the philosophies of the West.

I want to be crystal clear, if Ca was only a citizen of the West, and hated Ukraine, he could still fight for Putin's Army:

Putin Allows Foreigners to Serve in the Russian Armed Service - Pravda

If Ca lived in Russia and railed against the policies of Russian Government, he would be dead.

How do you not see that dichotomy?

America, nor Canada, are perfect, but the politics and allegiances in Eastern Europe, from Albania to Ukraine, are extremely complex and date back a thousand years. Russia yearns to exploit divisions for their own interests. Ca would argue NATO yearns to exploit divisions for their own interests.


That's how you know he's a Bot.

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